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Cancer Screening

What is OncoK9?

A graphic featuring the text, "Defeating cancer starts with knowing your dog has it" overlayed on an image of a brown and white dog sitting on a bench

OncoK9 is a blood test that detects if your dog currently has cancer within their DNA.

This is very exciting since this is the first of its kind!

It is important that we catch cancer early in order to provide you with the best possible treatment plan for your beloved pet. This test is recommended for any dog over the age of 7 years (or earlier for certain breeds – see below).

It is a simple blood draw, results come back in 2-3 weeks, and can be done at any time as long as your pet has a current physical exam with us (within 60 days). Please see the information below, and call us if you would like to get your pet scheduled!

The Importance of Cancer Screening

Predisposed Breeds at a Higher Risk of Cancer and the Recommended Ages for Testing:

  • Labrador Retriever - 7 years

  • Golden Retriever - 6 years

  • French Bulldog - 6 years

  • German Shepherd - 7 years

  • Rottweiler - 6 years

  • Boxer - 4 years

  • Beagle - 7 years

  • Siberian Husky - 7 years

  • Mastiff - 4 years

  • Flat-Coated Retriever - 7 years

  • Great Dane - 4 years

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback - 6 years

  • Bernese Mountain Dog - 5 years

  • Scottish Deerhound - 6 years

  • Irish Wolfhound - 4 years

Schedule your dog's cancer screening appointment today!