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McClintock Animal Care Center

Abby's Angel Fund

There are times when a pet requires medical attention, but the pet’s owner is experiencing financial difficulties due to the loss of a job, illness, disability, or any number of reasons. Imagine having no choice but to tell the veterinarian, "I can't afford that.” We hope you never find yourself in such a heartbreaking place, but it can happen to anyone. This is why we have created Abby’s Angel Fund.

Funded by donations and special product sales from people like you, Abby’s Angel Fund enables us to help responsible pet owners who need assistance with their pet’s medical care. This fund is designed to help cover some of the costs associated with necessary procedures and medications offered by McClintock Animal Care Center. One day soon, someone right here in this community will need a little help for their pet. We wish to help those in need because we appreciate the powerful emotional effect our pets have on us. We think that you may wish to help those pets, too.

The story doesn't end there – our hope is that those needing this temporary help will be able to pay the kindness forward by donating to the fund when they are back on their feet financially. Abby’s Angel Fund is here to help those in need; it is not meant to provide free veterinary services indiscriminately. Funds are disbursed on a case-by-case basis after approval from members of our veterinary team.

We promise that the entirety of your donation or purchase, and not a penny less, is used for the medical care of these animals in need.

It takes a 'special breed' to offer such generosity to someone you have never met. If you would like to help us to help an animal in need and put a pet owner's mind at ease, please donate and become an Abby’s Angel today.

We thank you,

Abby’s Angel Fund at McClintock Animal Care Center

Who is Abby?

Abby, a very sweet sheltie, began to touch our lives at McClintock Animal Care Center in 2005 when she was three months old. She was a happy, loving family member to her owners and a light in the life of everyone who knew her, in spite of the many medical concerns that she faced throughout her life. Due to these concerns, Abby was so frequent a visitor at McClintock Animal Care that she was practically our mascot – everyone knew her, and everyone loved her. She became an inspiration to us all, to stay happy and to keep moving. Now, she is our inspiration to help others that may be unable to help their pets live a life as Abby had. We are inspired and motivated to provide care for those that are facing financial hardship by the memory of Abby’s wonderful qualities, and the love and care that she received in her 12 years of life.