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McClintock Animal Care Center

Have We Seen Your Cat?

Cat laying down in the sun outside

Imagine your cat, comfortably sleeping in a patch of sunlight on the floor. The same cat that meows nonstop while you prepare its food; the cat that sits in the windowsill and watches birds, people, and dogs go by; the cat that curls up on your lap at night while you watch TV – your best buddy! Have we seen this cat within the past year for a wellness visit? If the answer is no, we can help!

A common belief among some is that cats, relative to dogs, have a lesser need for regular medical care and wellness visits because they can be so independent. This same independence also means that cats are much less likely to show signs of illness or pain until the situation is so bad that they cannot avoid showing that they feel poorly. If we do not see a cat for its annual wellness visit, but only when they are sick, it is very likely that the minor illness or treatable condition that kitty was hiding at the start has turned into something much more serious.

As cats get older, doing semi-annual wellness exams and blood testing becomes even more important. Minor changes can be detected in these wellness visits before symptoms become obvious. Conditions like kidney disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism are manageable if caught in the early stages. Dietary changes and the addition of certain medications and supplements can help to manage these conditions and provide your cat with the best possible quality of life, and even give you more years to love them!

If your kitty hasn’t seen us in a while because it is nervous or stressed when coming to see us, we can help with that, too. Pick up a free Kitty Calming Kit before your visit! It contains some helpful handouts for acclimating cats to carriers and tips for “fear free” vet visits, a sample Feliway cat pheromone wipe for the carrier, and some cat toys, too.

If there is a cat in your life that has missed even one wellness visit, please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Let us help you to ensure that your little furry, purr-y friend will have the healthiest life that it can!