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  • Planes, Trains, or Automobiles: Holiday Travel Tips for Pet Owners
    The holidays are almost here! For many of us, that means enjoying some relaxing time at home with family and friends, but for others, it means holiday travel! For pet Read more
  • Halloween Costume Contest!
    Halloween Costume Contest!   It’s time for our 6th annual Halloween costume contest! Categories Include: · Facebook Fan Favorite · Best Group · Most Creative Pet/Owner Look-Alike · Best Trick-or-Treat: Send us a video of your pet’s best trick-or-treat performance. Or come in to the Read more
  • Halloween Costume Contest 2017
    It’s time for our 7th annual Halloween costume contest! Do you have a spooky pooch or a scaredy cat that wants to show off their Halloween spirit? Send us a photo Read more
  • Heartworms and Canine Influenza: Things to Know!
    Now that the summer is finally over, we can all take a deep breath and enjoy some time outside! Winters in Arizona, pleasant as they are, do pose some potential Read more
  • Holiday Tips for Your Cats
    The holidays come with potential risks and dangers for our feline friends. Check out this list to help keep your cat protected. Guests: ·     Make sure they know you’ve got a cat (so Read more
  • Leptospirosis in Arizona: Facts for You and Your Dog
    Due to a great deal of news coverage, you may have heard about the recent outbreak of Leptospirosis in Arizona in the recent months. You may hear these stories and Read more
  • Protect Your Pet From Heartworms
    It’s April—springtime has officially sprung! And with the change in seasons comes a higher risk for your pet. Worms in your garden are nothing to worry about, but worms in your Read more
  • Start Summer Off Right!
    It’s summer! Time for BBQs, long hikes and refreshing water play! You and your pet enjoy this time of year. It’s filled with activity, fun, and food! But there are a Read more
  • Your Pet is Gone!
    How many times have you seen a lost pet flyer in your neighborhood? Imagine the heartbreak of having your pet escape their yard, slink out of a door which was Read more
  • Your Pet's Skin: There's a lot to cover!
    Your pet's skin: there's a lot to cover!Let's make sure your pet is healthy all over. Schedule your pet's yearly checkup today! September is when kids go back to school, and finally, Read more
  • Hurricanes and Heartworms
    Hurricanes and Heartworms – How Is This Concerning for Arizona’s Pet Population? Is my dog at risk for heartworm disease? Read on to learn answers to our most frequently asked questions Read more
  • Aging Gracefully: How to Help Your Dog Enjoy Their Golden Years
    Aging Gracefully? As the owner of a senior dog, do you notice that they have some special needs to consider compared to their younger counterparts? You may have some questions, such Read more
  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus: The FYI about FIV
    You may have heard of Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), but you may still have many questions about it: What are the signs and symptoms? Is my cat at risk? Can Read more
  • February is National Pet Dental Health Month!
    It’s that time of year again! National Pet Dental Health Month is here, which makes it a great time to consider the dental health of your favorite feline or your Read more
  • The Great Outdoors - Tips for Your Pets’ Summer Vacation
    The Great Outdoors - Tips for Your Pets’ Summer Vacation from our Tempe Veterinarian Summer is here! Increased temperatures and other aspects of the hotter months mean additional concerns for pet Read more
  • The Great Outdoors, Part 2 – Tips for your Pets’ Summer Vacation
    The Great Outdoors, Part 2 – Tips for your Pets’ Summer Vacation We visited summer weather tips in our last blog, but you may be wondering about about warm weather creepy Read more

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