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Trick-or-Treat! Halloween Goodies for Good Dogs

Do you have your dog’s Halloween costume picked out yet? Taking your dog trick-or-treating with the kids can be a fun outing, especially now that the weather is cooling down. But don’t let Fido find the kids’ candy stash! There are some particularly concerning human treats that dogs should avoid at all costs.

Candy corn and other candies that are nearly pure sugar and can cause tummy trouble for dogs. Chocolate covered raisins are doubly dangerous, for the chocolate (which can cause seizures, vomiting, and diarrhea) as well as the raisins! Raisins and grapes can cause very serious kidney problems. Calling your veterinarian – or, better yet, going right to an emergency clinic – should be a top priority if that happens.

Wrapped candies can be a problem if doggie indulges, not only for the candy inside the wrapper but for the wrapper itself. Dogs can sometimes pass wrappers and other similar items without incident, but such things may also cause intestinal blockages. Sugar-free candies and chewing gums that contain the artificial sweetener Xylitol are extremely toxic to both dogs and cats. Xylitol can cause a sudden decrease in blood pressure, lethargy, seizures, severe liver damage, and even death.

If you want to avoid the dangers of the typical Halloween treats, but also want your pets to have something special, don’t worry – you can make your own doggie-approved goodies at home! It can be quite easy to provide some special snacks to include your fur babies in the Halloween festivities!

The most simple treat that you can make, which is great for dogs that require a special diet due to medical conditions or food allergies, has only one ingredient: a can of their regular dog food. This recipe for Healthy Homemade Dog Treats turns the ordinary into something special! If your dog may have a more varied diet, you can also make treats with some common ingredients found in your own kitchen. For a wheat-free treat, these Homemade Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats may appeal to your pup – as a bonus, these goodies contain parsley, which can contribute to fresher breath! And finally, try these Homemade Pumpkin Dog Biscuits to get your dog into the fall spirit!

Use moderation when feeding any of the above treats, as they can be higher in calories than some commercial dog treats. You should also feed these treats more sparingly if your dog tends to have a sensitive stomach – one treat too many may result in a tummy ache. With one of these recipes and only a little bit of effort, your sweet pup will be rewarded with some frighteningly delicious goodies all their own. This Halloween, spend some time in the kitchen to show your favorite dog some love, and be safe out there!

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