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Safe Fruits & Veggies for Dogs

As the summer continues, you may find yourself attending barbecues and pool parties with a variety of foods within easy reach. If you are preoccupied with socializing, swimming, and sunbathing, those summer salads and side dishes may end up in a sneaky dog’s belly! There are some fruits and vegetables that are safe and healthy for pets, but others that are highly toxic. Read on to learn the good from the bad, and what to do if your pup eats something from the ‘bad’ list!

·     Apples – Safe for dogs, but no apple cores or seeds! They contain substances that are toxic to dogs.

·     Bell Peppers – Red, yellow, green… All are good, but guard against too much at once, as they can cause gas!

·     Broccoli – We recommend only small amounts at a time, as too much broccoli can cause abdominal discomfort and gas.

·     Carrots – Okay in small amounts (Carrots are high in natural sugars).

·     Cucumbers – Peeled, please!

·     Green Beans – Raw or frozen green beans are okay. DO NOT use canned greens beans; they are too high in sodium.

·     Pumpkin – Cooked, raw, or canned pumpkin. If canned, ONLY 100% pure pumpkin, NOT canned pumpkin pie mix with added ingredients!

·     Spinach – Okay in small amounts; too much can cause excess gas.

·     Bananas, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Watermelon – These fruits are safe in small amounts due to their naturally high sugar content. For watermelon, NO SEEDS! Fruits are not recommended for overweight or diabetic dogs without first discussing with your veterinarian.

And now, onto the bad! If your dog eats one of the following items, call the Pet Poison Helpline (1-855-764-7661) IMMEDIATELY! They have the resources available to advise you what to do next, depending on what item your dog ate, and his or her weight, age, and potential medical conditions.

·     Barbecued meats – Can cause issues like vomiting, diarrhea, and pancreatitis due to their richness and fat content.

·     Avocados – Avocado pits are very dangerous if swallowed! Due to their size, there is the risk of foreign body obstruction that requires surgery to correct. The flesh of avocados is not poisonous to dogs.

·     Grapes/Raisins – VERY toxic, and known to cause acute renal (kidney) failure.

·     Onions and Garlic – Can cause anemia; destroys red blood cells.

·     Also avoid raw potatoes, potatoes with a green appearance, nuts, tea leaves, and raw yeast dough. (In other words, keep a close eye on those grilled pizzas!)

The above list should serve as a useful reference guide for you and your dog, during the summer season as well as all year round. We’re happy to help you and your pets have safe celebrations together, and make sure that your furry friends snack smartly!

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