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Help Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy

When your favorite furry friend gives you kisses, does their breath nearly knock you over? Does Fluffy favor one side of her mouth while eating? Does Spot have a snaggletooth? If so, you’re in luck! February is National Pet Dental Healthcare Month, and a great time to consider the health of your pet’s teeth and gums. We are also offering $100 off dental cleanings for the months of February and March!

Most pet parents know that the proper treats can contribute to good dental health, but treats alone are often not enough. Brushing your pet’s teeth at home is a great next step to take against dental disease, and a great habit to have. We can provide you with information to get you and your pet used to brushing their teeth – it can be a slow process in the beginning. You may purchase toothbrushes and toothpaste specially made for dogs and cats at our office, or at your pet supply store of choice. (Human toothpaste is not advised, as it is toxic to pets.) Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is very important, not only for the teeth themselves, but also because tartar and infection within the mouth can contribute to other problems, such as diseases of the heart and kidneys.

If your cat or dog has inflammation of the gums, particularly bad breath, a fractured tooth, or any visible abnormality of the mouth, a dental procedure performed by one of our skilled veterinarians would be highly recommended. This procedure involves a thorough dental cleaning and polishing including removal of plaque buildup below the gumline, dental x-rays, and extraction of any problem teeth. All of these items are done while your pet is under anesthesia, which allows the doctor to thoroughly clean and safely inspect your pet’s mouth.

If you have questions or concerns about your pet’s dental health, you may contact our office to schedule a free consultation, during which a nurse will answer your questions and examine your pet’s mouth to determine the severity of any potential dental issues. We can also provide you with a detailed care plan if your pet needs a dental cleaning procedure. After your pet’s teeth have been professionally cleaned, it is a great time to begin preventive dental care at home to maintain that newly sparkling smile!

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