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Give Your Pet Something To Smile About!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month!
To help celebrate, we will be providing a $100 discount on the cost of the anesthesia and cleaning included in our dental procedures. We are also offering a 10% discount on  all home dental care products such as toothbrush kits, Greenies, and dental chews.
Please come in for a FREE “Flip the Lip” appointment. This allows you and your pet to meet with a nurse to evaluate the plaque build-up and gingivitis that could be causing harm to your pet’s overall health. We will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding a professional dental cleaning as well as  home care options that work for you and your pet. When you complete a “Flip the Lip” appointment, you will be entered to win a $100 credit on your account here at McClintock Animal Care Center!
Discounts & promotions expire: Feb. 28, 2017

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