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Do You Have A Pudgy Pup or A Chunky Cat?

Do You Have A Pudgy Pup or A Chunky Cat?

At the start of the New Year, many people find themselves making resolutions to lose weight. It is possible that your dog or cat may need to lose weight, too! Overweight or obese cats and dogs are a common occurrence – studies show that over 50% of dogs and cats are considered overweight. A large percentage of owners who have these hefty pets do not always realize that their dog or cat is larger than they should be.

Just as in people, pets that are overweight face health issues that can be very serious and can shorten their lives significantly. These include joint problems, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, certain types of cancers, and lower urinary tract disease, just to name a few! Pets that are heavier than recommended face increased risk of complications during surgery, and also deal with increased difficulty breathing and walking! Even a few extra pounds on your cat or dog can indicate health problems.

If you think that your pet may be heavier than is healthy, please give us a call! Our doctors can examine your pet to determine if excess weight is an issue, and if it is due to an underlying medical condition such as a thyroid problem. The doctor may recommend dietary changes that can help your pet shed some pounds, as well as prescription foods, supplements or medications to manage any weight-related medical issues. Our doctors can also offer helpful ideas to increase your dog’s or cat’s activity level.

We would love to help you ensure that your furry friend will have as many active, healthy, and playful years with you as possible!

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