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COVID-19 current guidelines for McClintock Animal Care Center

We appreciate the trust you place in us to care for your pets and have a safe environment for everyone, clients and staff. We are thankful we are able to be open during these tumultuous times.

As we move into our 4th month of curbside service with our doors locked while providing care to your pets we want to update you on the current guidelines we have been given and the protocols we will follow for the near future.

The state has relaxed the guidelines for us to resume doing elective procedures like vaccinations, dental cleanings, simple nails trims, spays and neuters.  However, with the physical distancing guidelines, mask use, limited use of PPE and high COVID-19 positive numbers, this will keep us continuing curbside service through at least  Phase 3.

Your pets’ health and well-being is our number one priority. When we open the building to clients we will have to shift at least a third of the time we spend on pet care and life saving treatments to cleaning protocols mandated by the CDC and OSHA for COVID-19 to try to keep clients and staff safe.  Currently, the AVMA and VHMA do not recommend cutting patient appointment numbers and time with pets to clean for human contact, another reason they recommend continued curbside service .  

We will continue to deliver our high level of customer service on the phone, by text and email while dedicating all our time in the building to your pets’ care and health and communicating with you at all times. 

Please continue to wear a mask or other face covering when interacting with our staff.  We will do the same for you. 

Our updated current protocol:

1. The building will be locked during normal business hours.

Only staff members and your pets will be allowed inside. We will still provide full service care to pets in need.

2. Clients will remain in their cars with their pets and use their cell phone to contact us and we will come out to get your pet for any medical needs, bring you prescription refills, or necessary foods and supplies.

3. Stay in your vehicle and we will come to you. There may be a wait, for this we are sorry, but please stay in your vehicle. We know it is hot outside, once we have your pet you can drive around, go to a drive thru, run essential errands or go home while your pet is in our building receiving the care it needs.

4. If you would prefer not to wait you can drop off your pet to our nurses from your vehicle and we will contact you about a pick-up time. Again, call when you arrive and please stay in your vehicle.

5. When you call from your vehicle the staff will fully explain the procedures. This will not only limit your contact with the staff, but also allow us to provide the best care for your pet. The staff will get any concerns you have by phone.

  • We will be emailing and texting consent forms links, financial plans and other important paperwork ahead of time to minimize your time in the parking lot.
  • We will need to know the make and model of your vehicle when you arrive.
  • And if possible where in your vehicle is your pet located.
  • Put on your mask/face covering to get near the staff member.
  • Please don't talk to staff in the parking lot, it is hot and we will call you about everything. 

6. If you have been sick, are sick, recently been with someone sick, you should not be driving to us, self-quarantine and someone else should bring your pet.

7. Our doctors will contact you about their exam findings, diagnosis and needed treatments on your cell phone while you wait in your vehicle.

8. All paperwork will be done electronically. We will not accept cash during this pandemic crisis. We accept all other electronic forms of payment including CareCredit. We will collect payment over the phone at the time of service. We will email your receipt and appointment notes the same day. 

9. If your pet has a surgical/dental procedure the staff will be in contact with you throughout the day. Your veterinarian will speak to you by phone before your pet goes home with discharge instructions and to answer any questions you have. You will receive an electronic discharge consent form to sign after the procedure. 

10. We will do everything possible to uphold the exceptional veterinary care that you expect us to provide to you and your pet, the only thing changing is your physical contact, not your pet's level of care.

11. Call, text or email us if there is anything else we can do for you or your pet during this challenging time.

12. At this time we have been told that pets cannot give COVID-19 to a human. But if you catch it try to treat them like a family member and don’t expose them either.

We are sorry in advance if this is not how you wish to do business with us. We are in this business for the patient care.  We can't stay open to care for your pets if we don't have employees or doctors that can come to work and we certainly do not wish to make our clients ill.

Please be kind and understanding as we try to do our best for you and for your pets. We want to stay open as long as we can and as scientists, we know this threat is real. And we must follow the guidelines and rules of the governing bodies above us.

Thank you for your help, support and patronage in these uncertain times.

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