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From McClintock Animal Care Center,

The CDC, State and Federal governments have recommended social distancing to try to slow the spread of COVID-19 as demonstrated by the citywide school, events and business closures. Ours is a business with an extreme amount of social contact.

In an effort to stay open while protecting our elderly, chronically diseased and immunocompromised clients, staff members and loved ones, we are going to implement the following plan effective immediately.

We are sorry in advance if this is not how you wish to do business with us, these are only temporary measures and as soon as we can we will return to business as usual.

We can't stay open to care for your pets if we don't have employees or doctors that can come to work and we certainly do not wish to make our clients ill. No staff members are currently sick.

1. The building will be locked during normal business hours. Only staff members and your pets will be allowed inside. We will still provide full service care to pets in need.

2. Clients will remain in their cars with their pets and use their cell phone to contact us and we will come out to get your pet for any medical needs, bring you prescription refills, or necessary foods and supplies.

Stay in your vehicle and we will come to you. There may be a wait, for this we are sorry, but please stay in your vehicle.

3. If you would prefer not to wait you can drop off your pet to our nurses from your vehicle and we will contact you about a pick-up time. Again, call when you arrive and please stay in your vehicle.

4. When you call from your vehicle the staff will fully explain the new procedures. This will not only limit your contact with the staff but also allow us to provide the best care for your pet. Staff will get any concerns you have by phone.

  • We will be emailing and texting consent forms, financial plans and other important paperwork ahead of time to minimize your time in the parking lot. 
  • We will need to know the make and model of your vehicle when you arrive.

5. If you have been sick, are sick, recently traveled from an endemic COVID-19 area or any cruise ship you should not be driving to us, self-quarantine and someone else should bring your pet.

6. Our doctors will contact you about their exam findings, diagnosis and needed treatments on your cell phone while you wait in your vehicle. We are hoping to have the ability to FaceTime and possibly other visual technology aids.

7. All paperwork will be done electronically. We will not accept cash during this pandemic crisis. We accept all other forms of payment including CareCredit. We will collect payment over the phone at the time of service.

8. Wellness visits should be postponed unless your pet is young or in need of mandatory rabies vaccination.  Speak to the staff about further guidance if in doubt.

9. If your pet has a surgical/dental procedure the staff will be in contact with you throughout the day.  Your veterinarian will speak to you by phone before your pet goes home with discharge instructions and to answer any questions you have.

10. We will do everything possible to uphold the exceptional veterinary care that we provide to you, the only thing changing is your physical contact, not your pet's level of care.

11. Call, text or email us if there is anything else we can do for you or your pet during this challenging time.

12. At this time we have been told that pets cannot catch COVID-19. But if you catch it try to treat them like a family member and don’t expose them either.

13. As of 3-20-2020 we have been mandated by the governor not to preform elective surgeries until further notice. 

We are very sorry to inconvenience everyone. Thank you for your help and support in these uncertain times.

We understand that all of these changes are not ideal for anyone and certainly not how we like to conduct business, but we have no other way to create social distance and help flatten the curve of this pandemic disease.

Please be kind and understanding as we try to do our best for you and for your pets. We want to stay open as long as we can and as scientists, we know this threat is real.

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