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Why is wellness blood testing important for my pet?

Just as it is important to bring your pet in for annual wellness exams, it is also important to do annual wellness bloodwork for your dog or cat. Pets are notoriously good at hiding signs of illness until they are quite sick, and they lack the ability to tell us when they don’t feel well.  Annual wellness blood testing is the way to find hidden concerns, and a yardstick against which to measure any future health concerns.  Having your pet’s “normal” blood and organ values, especially over a series of years, will be useful in the event that a routine wellness blood panel shows any changes that need to be addressed.  Annual wellness bloodwork is an important factor in finding and diagnosing diseases and conditions that can decrease your pet’s quality of life or even end it prematurely.

To help your pet live its healthiest and best life, we are offering 50% off of our Early Detection blood panel for dogs and cats during the month of January. This wellness blood panel includes tests for:

  • Organ chemistry values (including SDMA, a value that indicates early loss of kidney function)
  • Complete Blood Count (which can indicate anemia, infection, Leukemia, bleeding disorders, etc.)
  • Heartworms (for cats and dogs), Tick Fever, Lyme disease, and Anaplasmosis (for dogs only)

If you haven’t had your pet’s wellness bloodwork checked recently, give us a call. We’re here to help your pet have the best possible quality of life, which includes annual wellness blood testing as an important factor in ensuring that your pet has as many years of good health as possible.

Start your pet’s year off on the right paw!

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