Reception Area

Our lobby is designed to accommodate pets of all sizes. Our expansive reception area provides a spacious, welcoming area for you and your pet – separate entrances help to minimize stress amongst our dog and cat patients. Along with a wide array of prescription diets and treats, our knowledgeable front desk team is readily available to address concerns you may have for your pet. We also have designated children’s play areas, full of books and toys to help keep the entire family entertained!

Spacious Exam Rooms

Every one of our spacious exam rooms comes equipped with a scale and computer to allow our doctors and nursing team to have instant access to your pet’s medical history as well as x-ray images, diagnostic results and informational material. Our exam rooms are capable of accommodating the largest dogs to the smallest kittens, and everything in between. To keep your visit pleasant from start to finish, our nursing team is able to handle the financial portion of your visit right in your exam room, to avoid any tangled leashes, carrier struggles, or furry confrontations at the front desk.

Treatment Area

During your visit, you may wonder, “Where does my pet get its blood drawn?” or, “Where do you take pets if they need vaccinations?” Our large treatment area provides our doctors and nurses with the equipment and space needed to properly care for your pet. Within our treatment room we have separate areas to medically treat animals with specific needs: an isolation room for potentially contagious pets, a surgery suite for more extensive procedures, a dental care area, our radiology suite, and separate cat and dog wards. Whether your pet needs vaccinations, a nail trim, or daytime hospitalization and monitoring, our treatment room is able to handle the situation.

In House Laboratory

Our in-clinic laboratory is equipped with the most up-to-date technology, allowing our doctors to get accurate diagnostic results quickly, so we can help your pet feel better sooner. We also utilize an outside laboratory to run a wide variety of tests to help diagnose many health conditions and diseases.


Our comprehensive pharmacy includes medication and supplements to keep your pet healthy. Whether you need medication for an ear infection, allergies, or a hurt paw, we are able to send you home with the right prescription the same day to get your pet feeling better as soon as possible. We are also able to fill many prescriptions at standard pharmacies or animal-specific compounding pharmacies for your convenience.

Surgery Suite

Does your pet need be spayed or neutered? Does your pet have a troublesome growth to be removed? Our expansive surgical suite can handle any type or size of pet. Two of our doctors perform a variety of surgical procedures four days a week.

X Ray Suite

Our separate radiology suite is equipped with digital technology which allows us to access your pet’s x-ray images quickly, to review with you during your appointment. With digital x-ray capabilities, we are able to diagnose a diverse range of conditions, from arthritis and fractured limbs, to bladder stones.

Separate Entrances

We have designed the layout of our practice to be as stress free as possible for you and your pet. Along with separate entrances for dogs and cats/exotic pets, we have specific exam rooms on opposite sides of the building for cats and exotics, as well as large and small dogs.

Enclosed Grass Area

We offer drop-off, early morning, evening, and weekend appointments. For the pets that stay with us during the day, we offer an enclosed grass area so they can enjoy themselves in a private setting throughout their stay.

Virtual Office

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