Meet Our Team

McClintock Animal Care Center is devoted to progressive and compassionate veterinary medicine, with a focus on unparalleled patient and client care. We provide complete and personalized medical care tailored for each pet's individual needs. This includes preventive care as well as surgical, dental, and diagnostic services, from our comprehensive in-house laboratory, x-ray, digital thermal and ultrasound imaging. Our extensive alternative health management options consist of laser therapy, supplements, VOM (chiropractic-like adjustments), essential oils and nutritional support. Each pet will receive the best care possible while in a comfortable and stress-free environment.

To ensure a pleasant visit for your furry family members, our office offers separate entrances to minimize anxiety for both cats and dogs alike. We were awarded gold level Cat Friendly Practice certification by the American Association of Feline Practitioners in 2012. To achieve and maintain this title, we have met the required standards for facility layout, and have ensured that our staff understands the specific needs of cats. In addition to keeping our feline friends happy, we also offer many other options to accommodate your other four-legged family members – all dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and pocket pets are welcome!

  • Dr. Karen Claus, DVM CVCP

    Dr. Claus is the Medical Director at McClintock Animal Care. She moved to Tempe in 1986 to enjoy the desert and joined us in 1997. She is also a certified Chiropractor. Dr. Claus has a wonderful dog named Mosley. She shares her home with her husband and 2 children.

    Education and Interests

    • MSU: Year Started in Practice: 1986
    • Surgery, Dentistry, Pocket Pet Care
  • Dr. Marnie Duplissis, DVM CVCP

    Dr. Duplissis joined the practice in 2001 as an associate veterinarian. She also grew up in Tempe, attending McClintock High School. In addition to being a certified Chiropractor, Dr. Duplissis is most fond of helping patients and their owners experience comfort and relief from ongoing issues. Her furry family includes Tico, a black/white cat, and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Scout and Charlie. Dr. Duplissis and her husband enjoy spending time together with their son and daughter and going on trips together.

    Education and Interests

    • ASU, CSU: Year Started in Practice: 1998
    • Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Pain Control, Geriatric Care
  • Dr. Sarah Nelson, DVM

    Dr. Nelson joined the practice in 2017 as an associate veterinarian. She grew up in Minnesota and before moving to Arizona, she lived in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys preventive care and building relationships with pet owners, watching newly adopted pets grow is her favorite part of being a veterinarian. In her free time, Dr. Nelson enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, reading and spending time with her two cats, Wally and Layla

    Education and Interests

    • University of MN: Year started in practice: 2016
    • Preventive Care, Surgery, Dentistry, Feline Medicine, Ophthalmology
  • Dr. Alicia Smith, DVM

    Dr. Smith joined the practice in 2019 as an associate veterinarian.  She grew up in Colorado and lived in Kansas before moving to Arizona. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is working with small exotic mammals, affectionately known as “pocket pets”.  She also is interested in preventative care and supportive medicine for pets with chronic conditions. Her furry family consists of a chinchilla and a rabbit.  In her spare time, Dr. Smith enjoys ballroom dancing, yoga, reading, and craft projects.

    Education & Interests

    • BYU, KSU, MU: Year started in practice: 2019
    • Preventative Care, Internal Medicine, Pocket Pet Care
  • Dr. Katie Chiles, DVM

    Dr. Chiles joined our practice in 2021. She is originally from Wisconsin, but has always considered Arizona to be her second home. After graduation from veterinary school, she completed an internship in Equine Sports Medicine at a hospital near Chicago. After five years in equine medicine, Dr. Chiles moved to Nashville and found her passion in small animal medicine and surgery. 8 years ago, Dr. Chiles returned to the Valley and currently resides in Phoenix with her yellow Labrador Charlotte. She has special training in veterinary spinal manipulation therapy (VSMT) and acupuncture. In her free time, she enjoys running, spin, skiing, hiking, traveling, oil painting, cooking and watching the Green Bay Packers. 

    Education & Interests

    • UC Davis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Texas A&M University: Year started in practice: 2006
    • Preventative Care, Geriatric Medicine, Dentistry, Internal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Musculoskeletal/Lameness Issues
  • Caroline

    Caroline joined us in 2009. Tired of the weather in her hometown of Syracuse, NY, she moved here for the sun and heat. Her passion for animals led her to pursue a career in the veterinary field. Caroline is the Hospital Administrator for us. Caroline and her husband share their home with two rescue Great Danes: Sandor and Cosette. They have a daughter, Everly who was born in the fall of 2019. When not working, she loves to be in the pool with her family. 

    Hospital Administrator

    Education and Interests

    • Year Started in Field: 2009
    • Graduated with a B.S. in Entrepreneurship in 2007
    • Enjoys researching chronic diseases and how to manage them.
    • Loves being a part of the healing process and watching our patients feel better.
  • Tammie

    Tammie is part of our front desk team, she joined our team in 2010. She moved to Arizona from New Jersey and was previously a stay-at-home mom to her two adorable boys, Dominic and Anthony. She lives with her husband and two sons. Her fur family includes one cat Kawi, as well as Brutus and Lola, her blue Pit Bulls. When not at work, she enjoys spending her free time with her family by going to the movies, visiting the local attractions and bike riding

    Client Care Specialist

    Education and Interests

    • Year Started in Field: 2010
    • Assists with insurance claim transmission
    • Loves meeting our Pit Bull patients
  • Brittany

    Brittany was born and raised right here in Phoenix and has been with us since 2010. She knew at a very young age that she had a strong passion for caring for animals. This passion has channeled into becoming one of our surgery nurses. She enjoys seeing our large breed patients and in her free time loves to catch up with family and traveling!

    Surgical Nurse

    Education and Interests

    • Year Started in Field: 2008
    • Supports surgery patients during aftercare and helps keep them comfortable

    • Dani

      Dani is another one of our Arizona natives.  She joined our nursing team in early 2012. She and her husband, Preston, welcomed their first daughter, Kennedy, in December of 2016 and have welcomed their second daughter, Reagan in June of 2019. They have four dogs; Kahlua, Stoli, CC, and Blitz. In her spare time, Dani enjoys trying new restaurants and spending time with family and friends. At work, Dani loves meeting our scruffy terrier patients.

      Assistant Hospital Administrator

      Education and Interests

      • Year Started in Field: 2009
      • Graduated from the Pima Medical Vet Assistant Program in 2009
      • Assists with hospital inventory management and stocking
    • Alison

      Alison joined our nursing team in the summer of 2014 and has been actively working in the veterinary field since 2006. Alison has advanced from her nursing position to helping others within our organization. She assists during our new hire training process as well as coaches our experienced nurses in all aspects of patient care. Alison was born and raised right here in Arizona and couldn't imagine living anywhere else! She lives in Gilbert with her husband, her son, and her two Chihuahuas-Jack and Wally. In her free time she enjoys crafting and hanging out with family and friends, she is well known for her homemade decorative cakes.

      Employee Development Coordinator

      Education and Interests

      • Year Started in Field: 2006
      • Advocates a fear-free environment and stress-free visits for patients
      • Supports in the personal development of employees
    • Hannah

      Hannah moved to Arizona from northern California in 1999. She rescued her German Shepherd mix Jasper and they have been inseparable ever since. During her free time, she enjoys going to baseball games, reading and spending time with her family. Ever since Hannah was a little girl she has wanted to work with animals; this is her calling and can’t imagine herself doing anything else.

      Lead Veterinary Nurse

      Education and Interests

      • Year started in the field: 2012
      • Adores our German Shepherd and other large breed canine patients
      • Leads all new nurse training and supports continued education within the clinic
    • Lindsey

      Lindsey grew up in Southern Arizona and has lived in New Hampshire and Colorado, but has decided that Tempe is her home. She has a degree in Creative Writing from The University of Arizona and enjoys proper grammar and syntax as well as cooking. When not at work, she can usually be found at home with her boyfriend and two kitties, Grey Cat and Black Cat.

      Client Care Specialist

      Education and Interests

      • Year Started in Field: 2014
      • Especially enjoys interacting with our feline patients
      • Nerd for the written word
    • Valeria

      Valeria was born and raised in Yuma Arizona but recently moved to Chandler Arizona. She has a very big heart for all animals and loves spending time outdoors with her family. She lives with her fiancé and two sons and their two German Shepherds.  During her free time, Valeria loves to go camping or take a drive up north for the day. Her hopes are to one day become a Veterinarian nurse.

      Client Care Specialist

      Education and Interests

      • Year Started in the Field: 2019
      • Loves to meet and spoil all our BullDog patients
    • Laura

      Laura was born and raised in California and has moved from Pennsylvania and Texas within the past 2 years with her fiancé, Carlos, for his job, which finally brought them to Arizona with the Diamondbacks. She has a corgi mix, Pip and a brown tabby, Scrunchie. She loves to play volleyball, go to the movies and baseball games with her fiance. She has been in the veterinary field for a few years, and loves to work with exotic animals!

      Veterinary Nurse

      Education and Interests

      • Year Started in the Field: 2016
      • Assists in training new nurses
      • Enjoys surgery

    • Rita

      Rita was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and in 1997 decided to leave the snow for the desert. She has always had a love for animals and after spending some years being a stay at home mom to her 3 daughters she has joined our front desk staff to pursue her passion for working with people and their pets.  She enjoys time with her family, hiking with her Siberian husky, and doing CrossFit.

      Client Care Specialist

      Education and Interests

      • Year Started in the Field: 2020
    • Sarah

      Sarah was born and raised in Arizona. She lives with her fiancé and two furbabies: a cat named Paige and a Chihuahua named Baby. When she has free time she loves to play videogames and foster animals. If she isn't playing videogames or spending time with her furbabies she loves to travel and spend time with her family. She can be a bit spontaneous at times, but that only leads to awesome adventures.

      Education and Interest:

      • Year started in the field: 2020
      • Passionate about animal welfare
    • Mel

      Mel has come to us from rainy Baton Rouge, Louisiana to sunny Chandler, Arizona. She lives here with her husband and their boxer mix, Hunter. She enjoys crafting and painting in her free time and bingeing on good TV shows. She has always had a deep love for all animals and felt this career path would be the best fit for her.

      Education and Interests

      • Year started in the field: 2021
    • Matthew

      Matthew was born and raised in Arizona. He joins his mother here; she has been a veterinarian here at our practice for 20 years. Matthew enjoys video games, hanging out with friends and traveling. He will attend ASU in the fall of 2021 to pursue a career in medicine. He works in the treatment room with our surgery patients.

      Education and Interests

      • Year started in the field: 2021
      • Loves surgery and our feline patients
    • Bri

      Bri moved in 2021 from California to be closer to family here in Arizona. She has a dachshund, a cat and a bunny. She is a licensed veterinary nurse in California and hopes to be licensed here in Arizona. Bri loves hiking and nature and is learning how to play violin. Some of her favorite patients to see are exotics.

      Education and Interests

      • Platt College: Registered Veterinary Technician 2018
      • Year started in field: 2012
      • Enjoys surgery and dentistry
    • Aly

      Aly was born and raised in Arizona. She lives here with her boyfriend and their two dogs, Charlie and Oakley who are both mixed breeds. Her love for animals has always been a part of her. Growing up, she was always the child that brought dogs home. In her free time she loves to spend it with her family and fur babies.

      Veterinary Nurse

      Education and Interests

      • Year Started in Field: 2021
    • Julie

      Julie was born and raised in Arizona. She has two cats, Renji and Graham. Julie enjoys playing video games, as well as building computers and keyboards in her free time. She likes hiking and kayaking when not spending time indoors.

      Year started in field: 2021

    • June

      June was born in Long Beach, California. After Living Overseas in Asia for 3 years, in 2018 she moved to the cactus state. She returned home with a dog she adopted in China, Huasheng (which means Peanut!) who is a Jack Russell Shiba Inu mix. June lives with her Fiancé a native Arizonian and local Postman. June loves working with all animals especially exotics. Her favorite dog breed is a Mutt! In her spare time, she volunteers at Liberty Wildlife and The Humane Society. She is Left Handed and can speak Spanish, Thai, French, Mandarin and Italian.

      • Year started in field: 2018
      • Education & Interests: Mixed breeds and exotics
    • Renee

      Renee was born and raised in Arizona and has a degree in Biology from Arizona State University. She has always had a natural love and compassion for animals ever since she was a child. She grew up around farms, horses, and plenty of pets. She has a cat named Kitty, two dogs Shiloh and Rigby, and a snake named Cornflake. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and being outdoors with friends, dogs, and family. 

      • Favorite dog breeds are labradoodles and huskies
      • Year started in field: 2021
    • IN LOVING MEMORY: Dr. Rebecca Matchette, DVM

      Dr. Matchette joined the practice as an associate veterinarian in 2016. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in May of 2019. She passed away in December of 2020. She will always live on in our hearts and memories, and will always be a part of McClintock Animal Care Center. 

      Education and Interests

      • ASU, CSU: Year started in practice: 2000
      • Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Hospice Care

    Contact Information

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    1836 East Elliot Road
    Tempe, AZ 85284

    Phone: (480) 820-2822
    Email: [email protected]


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